How to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

How to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

The beginning of any business’ accounting year is the best time to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop or switch between QuickBooks platforms. With respect to the version, upgrading or transitioning from older versions to newer versions require a bunch of specific steps. However, we are going to discuss the various things to do before upgrade QuickBooks Desktop.

Tasks you should perform before upgrade QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Backup your files:
    Make sure to create a back-up in the older version itself before upgrading to the edition. To avoid overwriting of files name the folder appropriately (ex: Pre-conversion backup files) to save files in when prompted. Keep a copy of the older software handy until the transfer is complete. Once you install the 2018 edition, do not restore the files from a QuickBooks file – use the backup files instead.
  2. Secure Transfer: If you usually transfer company files between different computers, make sure they are running on same Desktop version
  3. Cleaning up: The process of cleaning up involves a number of review processes. This ensures that you can eliminate problems of slowing down and data corruptions.
    a. Database review: Database review is conducted for file use, documenting estimation and detailing highlights. In this audit process general database checks are executed. These affirm efficient utilization of detailing bases and to determine the potential issues.
    b. Monetary record review: After database audit, monetary review involves a check in to asset report. It reviews general structure to determine the correlation of material changes on a month-over-month basis. This helps in tracking the legitimacy of records, affirmation of the balances, and also demonstrating the issues.
    c. Benefit and loss review: Benefit and Loss audit takes a check into the monthly correlation of material changes to identify the issues related to it if any. It further determines the fair utilization of the things that indicate a difference in gross net revenues. In addition, it involves a complete audit of the general structure of cost and wage payment accounts, with the aim of instigating proposals on the presently practiced methods.
    d. Work process review: The work process review takes a dig into the records and exchanges utilized as a part of QuickBooks as well as proposing optimized ways of utilizing the records and exchanges appropriately and to the fullest.
  4. Re-Installation:
    Re-installation of the new QuickBooks is important besides the above clean up processes.
  5. Operating System Compatibility:
    Before upgrading the software, make sure that the software is compatible with the operating system on which you are installing or upgrading.

You might encounter various unwanted and unwarranted errors during the up-gradation process. In case you encounter any such error or have any kind of queries or doubts regarding anything related to QuickBooks, Feel free to connect with Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors at QuickBooks premier support phone number 1-808-374-3003 (toll-free).

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop into latest Version?
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How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop into latest Version?
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