How to Remove QuickBooks Error 6105?

How to Remove QuickBooks Error 6105?

Everything isn’t born perfect and neither is the software and applications these days. With the multitude of operating systems, their different kind of functioning and support for file formats makes it difficult to make a universal software. Amidst all this, if you are into accounting there is a software named QuickBooks for hassle-free and easy accounting. As said, there could be some issues in this too. They have got certain codes. Here is one of them with QuickBooks error 6105 and the guide to resolve it.

What is QuickBooks Error 6105:

One must understand the Error 6105 QuickBooks first and then get to find the steps needed to resolve it. So when you are trying to open, create or use any company file that you may have saved in some or the other software’s location, QuickBooks Error Code 6105 comes in. It does not let you open or alter the file’s content as per the message. It may be due to one or the other causes as mentioned below. Try to read them completely which gives you a clue of resolving them.

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Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6105:

There could be one or a combination of issues letting the error of the type 6105 on the screen. So here are a few most probable ones:

  • QuickBooks installation may not have been done properly Or its installation might be damaged or become corrupt.
  • The software might have not been opened while you are trying to open the desired file. The file might be portable but if the software is not open you can’t use the file in the software.
  • The file itself might be corrupt, deleted, damaged. This is why the software might not be able to open the file. Technically speaking, the one which is in the condition as stated above will have the extension of .qbw while the one you are trying to open is .qbm.
  • The extension of the file is wrong and so you can’t open it.

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Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 6105

Now that you know which the possible reasons are, you could get to the steps to resolve them and get to your work. Here are a few steps worth trying:

Solution 1: Reboot your System

restart the system

The first and effective solution to get rid of any QuickBooks error code is to rebooting the system. And then, verify that you have successfully fixed QuickBooks error code 6105 or not.  In case, you are still dealing with the same issue, go through some of the following solutions and try to fix the error instantly.

Solution 2: Utilize QB Data Recovery Service

Sometimes, you have to deal with the error 6105 QuickBooks because of the corrupted company data file. This may hamper your daily-basis business activities and stop you from continuing work on the company file. But, you don’t need to fret as QuickBooks Data Recovery Service can be fixed by finding out services on Intuit Website.

Solution 3: Access QuickBooks Software as an Admin

Run as admin

  • Firstly, shut down QuickBooks.
  • Once system is 
  • Right-tap on the QuickBooks option.
  • Next, choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Finally, select ‘Yes’ to login as an admin.

Solution 4: Basic Solution to fix QuickBooks Error 6105

  1. First of all, copy the company file to your desktop.
  2. Attempt to access the file in QuickBooks.
  3. Give a new title to the. TLG file to.TLG1 file.
  4. Start QuickBooks again.
  5. Finally, verify the error is persisting or not.

Solution 5: Rebuild your QuickBooks Company File

  • Firstly, access the QuickBooks Desktop as Administrator.
  • You may login to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Access the Company File and choose Utilities.
  • Choose the option where you are allowed to back up company files.
  • Verify the hosting of company’s file and wait till the process gets completed.
  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Finally, re-launch the PC.

Solution 6: Fixing QuickBooks issues or performing clean installation

Corrupted malware might be the main issue behind the error 105 QuickBooks. Below are the steps to fix the same. 

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the Control Panel and choose Programs and Features.

Open program features in control panel

  • And then, look for QuickBooks and choose uninstall.Quickbooks Error 6105
  • You need to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Access QuickBooks as Administrator.
  • Finally, access the file again.


Every error such as QuickBooks Error 6105 has some or the other solution. With software, one must always check all the possibilities one can think of, go online to research for issues and maybe then get some professional help. Because it is usually lack of awareness which leads to the inability of getting the error fixed. Else the best possibility, after you have done all the searching and is unable to get the Error 6105 QuickBooks resolved is to seek help. Contact QB Point of Sale Support at our QuickBooks Premier Support Phone Number 1-808-374-3003 and get your issue resolved. The supportive and amicable team will guide you to fix issues.

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