Troubleshooting Methods to resolve QuickBooks Error 1334

Troubleshooting Methods to resolve QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks is a famous accounting solution all over the world because of consisting of numerous features and functionalities. Although, QuickBooks users might get encountered by various occasional error codes that can hamper the business activities. Today, we are here to tell you about QuickBooks Error 1334 that comes across because of a missing or damaged QuickBooks Desktop installation file. You will get the error code while working on QuickBooks that states your system is getting hampered because of the corrupted directory. Well, the following post will guide you throughout the procedure that can be applied to fix the same. If you have any doubts about the issue, feel free to contact us via dialing our phone number +1-808-374-3003 or writing a mail.

Defining QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks Error Code 1334 may take place during the program installation or while accessing the software. In addition to this, your system starts crashing whenever you see the same error code on the PC’s screen. You will also get encountered by the error 1334 QuickBooks during launching or shutting down the Windows. Moreover, you may also face the same issue while installing windows. To prevent yourself from getting this issue, you need to track when the error gets appeared and determine the solutions to fix it. Below, you can detect the latest causes behind the occurrence of error 1334.

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What may cause QuickBooks Error 1334?

Numerous reasons might be responsible for QuickBooks error 1334. Also, these reasons might stop you from launching the QuickBooks Desktop. Once you detect the root causes behind the error occurrence, you can easily look for the solutions accordingly.

  1. Due to corrupted QuickBooks installation, you may receive QuickBooks error 1334.
  2. Because of a virus or malware attack, the system may display the error code.
  3. A corrupted or incomplete installation of QuickBooks or hardware may also be the reason behind the error occurrence.
  4. When you have done some changes to QuickBooks that results in a corrupted Windows registry.
  5. If any of the important files have been deleted by a third-party program, this may also cause the error 1334 QuickBooks.

Methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1334

Although, it will be easy to find the solutions after detecting the root causes behind the error occurrence. There can be various causes that might be responsible for the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 1334. In case, you are facing the same issue while accessing the software, then you can resolve it just by following some steps written below:

  1. Firstly, access QuickBooks software and launch the company file.
  2. Look for the company file that has a .qbw extension and double-tap on the same file.
  3. Finally, check whether the issue has been resolved.

In case, these steps did not help you in making the software free of issues, then go through the following methods for resolving the same.

Method 1: Adding or Deleting QuickBooks Programs

  1. The first step is to press the Windows key and write MSConfig in the Search box.
  2. Press Enter after that.
  3. Go to the Boot tab and click on check box against Safe Boot.
  4. Now, click on Network and press OK. After that, click on Restart.
  5. After selecting the Restart option, you need to access your system in Safe mode.
  6. Choose the programs that you want to launch. By doing so, you will get permission to access the QuickBooks software.
  7. Meanwhile, access the QuickBooks Desktop and choose Help.
  8. Click on Update QuickBooks and allow QuickBooks to run the required updates.
  9. Now, get back to start option and type msconfig in the search bar
  10. Deselect safe mode under boot tab
  11. Restart the system to save the recent changes.
  12. Finally, access the system in Normal Mode and install the updates.

Method 2: Perform a Clean Installation of MS-Windows

  1. First of all, uninstall and reinstall Windows by erasing all the saved data on the PC’s hard drive.
  2. Now, to clean out all the unnecessary log files, you need to clean install windows.
  3. Finally, check whether the issue is still occurring.

Method 3: Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 1334 Manually

  1. Firstly, login as an Admin to the system and choose Accessories and Programs.
  2. After that, select the System Tools and tap on Restore.
  3. Now, you need to select Restore my PC with the previous date” and tap on Next.
  4. And then, select a restoration point list and choose Next.
  5. Press Next again and choose the recent system restore date.
  6. Lastly, restart the PC after completing the procedure.


Hopefully, the aforementioned solutions have proved to be effective while dealing with QuickBooks Error 1334. As we always recommend, if you are new to handle such technical glitches, then you must hire an expert who can resolve all your queries manually. In case, you are interested to take a technician’s assistance to resolve the error 1334 QuickBooks, then you may call us at any time at our toll-free QuickBooks Premier Support Number +1-808-374-3003. We are here to not only provide assistance to fix the error codes but also making you an expert to handle the QuickBooks software.

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QuickBooks Error 1334: Fixing the same
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