What is QuickBooks Database Server manager?

What is QuickBooks Database Server manager?

In our assumption, you are aware of QuickBooks accounting software that is used to handle business activities. As a business owner, you may need to share files and other data with vendors and sellers via QuickBooks software. This procedure can be done by the share set up to the network. This allows you to have communication with other computers over networks. Here QuickBooks Database Server Manager comes into play. You can download and install the database server manager to set up the server and track all existing folders and files.

In the following article, we would like to tell you about the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. For any further assistance, you can call us at any time.

What is the QuickBooks database server manager?

QuickBooks database server manager is an amazing tool that has been offered by Intuit. It has been specially designed for tracking all the existing files and folders in QuickBooks. Additionally, it allows you to use multi-user access. With the help of the database manager, you can create files for network data for a company that can be stored on the Host PC. The server manager plays a very important role when it comes to updating, downloading, or deleting any QuickBooks company file. So it becomes mandatory to install QBDSM on each PC to avail of its amazing features.

To know more about QBDSM, you need to keep reading the whole blog. We have explained all the aspects related to the server manager in this post.

Advantages of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Well, there can be various benefits of using the database server manager. However, we have tried to explain all the advantages that can be availed after installing the QBDSM.

  1. The database server manager can only be accessible to create the Network Data files (.ND) or company files saved on the host computer. We recommend installing the server manager for each version in case of having multiple versions of QuickBooks on your PC.
  2. You can avail multiple versions of processes after the installation of the QuickBooks database server manager multiple versions except for QuickBooks multiple versions.
  3. Before using the QBDSM, you need to check that no other program is running in the background.
  4. You are required to add a user for each installed QuickBooks software version.

After getting familiar with the QuickBooks Database Manager, you are required to know the steps to install it. Below, we have mentioned all the steps for the installation of the same.

How to install the QBDSM

There are some important points that you should keep before the installation of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Here, we are providing you the complete steps that may help you in installing the server manager.

  1. First of all, you are required to start the installation by double-clicking on the QuickBooks database server manager download file.
  2. After that, choose Next if you have internet access. If not, then click on No.
  3. Choose the icon Next.
  4. Then, you need to close all other programs that are running in the background. And, press Next.
  5. You will get the Software License Agreement on the screen. You need to choose “I accept terms in the license agreement”.
  6. Now select “Custom or Network”.
  7. And then, you are required to select the installation type and press Yes.
  8. Write down your License and Product Number.
  9. You have to follow further instructions to complete the process of installation.
  10. Finally, set up the database server manager.

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Ways to Update Database Server Manager

After the installation of the QuickBooks database server manager, you might be thinking to get the process to update for the same. You need not worry at all. We are providing you all the steps for the QuickBooks database server manager update.

  1. We recommend you to keep updating the database server manager on time so that you can prevent yourself from QuickBooks error codes and bugs.
  2. You need to click on Update QuickBooks Desktop and Download the patch to the recent version.
  3. After that, reboot the server.
  4. You get a message on the screen displaying “The Company file needs to be updated to work with this version of QuickBooks Desktop”.
  5. Then, you get a message as “Creating a backup”.
  6. Finally, you have to follow the prompts displaying on your screen so that you will be able to launch the company file.

How to set-up Database Server Manager?

Follow the steps written-below in order to set up the database server manager. In case, you face any difficulties, you can directly talk to our experts by dialing our experts. We recommend you hire a technician to set up the QBDSM if you are new to handle such activities.

  • Firstly, you are required to launch the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Scan the files that you need to use for the multi-user access.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • After that, you have to scan the company files to configure them properly. This allows you to access to the multiple users.
  • Then, use the monitored drives feature to add new company files to the server.

monitored drivers feature of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • You need to check that the company files have been connected to the server and users have logged into the files.
  • After this, you are required to implement the service to modify the service status.
  • Finally, use the Updates features to download the latest releases to the QuickBooks server.

Updates feature

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Concluded the Post!

As you can see, you have reached at the end of this post regarding the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. We have tried our best to include all the important facts related to QBDSM in the post. In case, you are still facing any issues during installing or opening the database server manager, restart your server PC. And then, apply the aforementioned steps once again. If for any cause, you are unable to install, update, or set up the server manager, get in touch with our certified team of experts. We will help you out to resolve every issue associated with QuickBooks. If you are interested to talk to our technicians, call us at QuickBooks Premier Support Phone Number 1-808-374-3003.

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