Steps To Locate Missing Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Steps To Locate Missing Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

We all are always concerned for some missing transactions in QuickBooks Desktop Premier? If we work for an organization or if we own a business where you maintain all your financial reports. We are prevalent to find our QuickBooks missing transactions which have been lost due to any reason.

QuickBooks is a financial business software where you can gather, manage and maintain your accounting needs related work in the simple format. It is one of the most dependable software where you can manage your financial stats easily while creating invoices, managing expenses, and cash flow. QuickBooks is a great accounting application for you and helps you to grow business. It provides you the ease of handling your daily accounting needs.

Steps to Find out Missing Transactions in QuickBooks:

  1. One can check the audit report
  2. Second, One can check the Company file backup and tried to restore that to see if it has the details.
  3. One can Condense the Information if the file size is big.
  4. Lastly one can re-enter missing transaction if nothing was found.

      1. Check your audit report:

One can run audit trail reports which will show you all transactions and also provide you the ease to get the missing or deleted transactions. The software gives you the platform where you can check the product details, payroll information, and company information, in the report. You can find the advanced features and options to get the deleted transactions and you can highlight them.  Any modifications or data changes in the report can be shown here for the specific sections. For example: In the company file, the values can be changed by getting replaced the old products with new. You can also identify the values which are highlighted in bold format.

You can go to the audit trail reports by clicking the reports menu and then selecting account and taxes option and then to locate the audit trail option from which you can customize your report with the help of transaction date, type of transaction, name.

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      2. Check the Company file backup and tried to restore that to see if it has the details.

In the company file, there are a number of transactions and data and will be difficult to find the single missing transaction, it will be hard sometimes but you can find it with the correct information and approach.

If you wanted to be sure the current file location you can check the file location by pressing the F2 key. By clicking the key it brings you the product information and software version and entire information of the file. From there you can check are you on the correct file or not.

      3. One can Condense the Information if the file size is big.

This is a major and important feature in QuickBooks with which you can remove the information from the file and reduce the file size by choosing the unwanted financial transaction from and to a specific date.

It let us choose a date range to keep or delete data from the file. If anyhow the transactions have been deleted during the data condense process then we should take the help of the experts who can help you retrieve the information.

      4. Lastly one can re-enter missing transaction if nothing was found.

You can re-enter deleted transaction if nothing above steps could be solved. It seemed easy however but due to cache we have to ensure reentering the transaction may not duplicate it and balance in an account should not be affected.

Final Note

We expect that the aforementioned blog has guided you regarding QuickBooks missing transactions. However, you might experience various issues while finding out QB missing transactions. In such a scenario, you may call our team and get instant technical support. We have certified professionals who are always ready to guide you at any time. Also, you can get assistance regarding the QuickBooks software.

In case you require professional help with the issue at hand, you are welcome to contact the QuickBooks Premier Support Number 1-808-374-3003.

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