How to get a general ledger report QuickBooks ?

How to get a general ledger report QuickBooks ?

When it comes to small enterprises, financial accounting is as difficult as it gets. Balancing the sheets while keeping a close eye on the income statements, cash-flow statements, and other financial accounts is a difficult task, as errors are not tolerated in today’s market. This is when general ledger report QuickBooks comes into play.

It is a company’s principal accounting record since it aids in the discovery of concealed discrepancies that result in an uneven balance sheet.

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What is a General Ledger in QuickBooks, and why is it important to keep it up to date?

A general ledger is a record that contains individual accounts and the transactions associated with each of those accounts. It’s a group of accounts or a collection of accounts that gives you information on each account’s specific transactions.

As an example, let’s imagine you buy raw materials from William Paper Mill throughout the year. our result, all cash or credit purchase transactions with William Paper Mill would be recorded under William Paper Mill’s account. A General Ledger enables you to determine the end outcome of all transactions involving specific accounts on a given date. As a result, the General Ledger is also known as the Accounting System’s Principal Book.

In QuickBooks Desktop, the General Ledger report is an account that illustrates how a company manages and regulates its cash flow. It displays a list of transactions from all accounts for a particular date range. Asset accounts like Cash, Accounts Receivable, Equity, and Undeposited Funds are examples of QuickBooks general ledger accounts. QuickBooks, for example, employs the double-entry accounting system, which compels you to record an equal and opposite credit for each debit in the account. These transactions can now also be recorded via journal entries. Even yet, accountants who don’t follow the usual accounting rules might use QuickBooks to establish a broad journal ledger. However, keeping this report up to date necessitates having a backup method for looking for mistakes.


How to make General Ledger entries in QuickBooks?

Let us now look at the steps that are actually required to be followed in order to form a General Ledger entry in the QuickBooks software.


  •         Navigate to the Menu tab in QuickBooks.
  •         Select the Make General Journal Entries option from the Company drop-down menu.
  •         Choose the appropriate date for the ledger entry in the Date column.
  •         Enter a value for the entry in the Entry No. field. The entries that come following this one will be automatically numbered.
  •         Select the account you wish to use for the debit from the Account drop-down menu.
  •         In the Debit column, enter the transaction’s debit value.
  •         If you wish to include a message with the entry, go to the Memo field and type it there.
  •         Fill in the rest of the information for the transactional entry by entering the customer, vendor, and name.
  •         Similarly, enter a new transaction and utilize the credit to indicate a deposit. To even out the transaction in the balance sheet, use the same amount and information that you mentioned in the debit column.


  •         Click Save & Close when the transaction register reaches zero. Check all the details of debits and credits again if it doesn’t show zero.


How can I use QuickBooks Desktop to run the general ledger?


general ledger report QuickBooks

  •         Follow the steps outlined below to generate a general ledger report in QuickBooks.
  •         Go to the Menu tab in QuickBooks.
  •         Select Reports from the left menu panel.
  •         Go to the bottom of the screen and select the All option.
  •         There is an option for For My Accountant there. Select it by clicking on it.
  •         General Ledger as the sixth option from the top.
  •         Select the date range for the transaction you want to examine and whether you want to see it on a cash or accrual basis.
  •         Finally, select the Run Report option to generate the report.


How can I make a new account for a general ledger entry in QuickBooks Online?

Follow the procedures below to create a new general ledger account:


  •      Go to the Accounting Tab in QuickBooks Online.
  •       Select New from the Chart of Accounts drop-down menu.
  •       Select an account from the Account Type drop-down menu.
  •       Choose a Detail Type and a Beginning Balance in the same way.
  •       Finally, select Save & Close.

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In QuickBooks Desktop, how do I print the general ledger?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to print a QuickBooks general ledger summary report.


  • Open QuickBooks and select Print Reports.

  • Select General Ledger from the Transaction Reports drop-down menu.

  • Fill in the month and year, but leave the rest of the form blank.

  • Finally, give it a once-over

  • Select Begin Printing or Print.


This blog was an attempt to provide the readers with all the information regarding the process that needs to be followed while generating a general ledger report using QuickBooks Maintaining a general ledger entry is essential as it makes it easy for us to keep a report of all the financial expenditure of the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is a general ledger in QuickBooks?

Ans :-  A business’s financial transactions are recorded in an accounting ledger, which is part of the bookkeeping system. For such transactions, a business will create separate categories known as accounts. The general ledger, or chief book of accounts, will list and contain all of a company’s accounts. A journal entry, a description, debit and credit columns, and a balance are the four main components of a general ledger.

Q2 How to create journal entries for general ledger?

Ans :-  In order to create a journal entry for a general ledger, one can follow the following steps provided below:

  •         First of all, login into the QuickBooks
  •         Then click on + sign
  •         Choose for journal entry
  •         Then you can comfortably enter all the details such as account, description and debit/credit amount

          Then you can save that entry

Q3 How do we delete a journal entry in QuickBooks?

Ans :- You can follow the following steps in order to delete a journal entry in QuickBooks:

  • You must click on “lists” and then select the one you would wish to delete.
  • Just click for once on the entry you want to delete.
  • Then ,click the “Edit” option and then choose “Delete”.

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