How to Create Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Create Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is an excellent software that caters to all accounting needs of accountants, bookkeepers, etc. Additionally, it is an efficient tool with advanced reporting features. Moreover, daily accounting activities are carried out with ease and comfort while QuickBooks manages all these transactions. Furthermore, QuickBooks performs several imminent accounting activities and ‘create customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop is one of them.

Therefore, amongst all the above-mentioned usages, the most widely used is Reporting. Users, especially accountants and business owners use reporting to showcase the business progress or project the future by looking into the existing data in the desired format.

    • Business owners and mainly small business owners have to take the important decision to grow their company by looking in the reports of the existing month and sometimes a group of months altogether.
    • In some cases, accountants send the reports in the email to busy business owners to let them know the current standings and if they find any problem in the chart of accounts or wrong payment or transaction entered.
    • QuickBooks Desktop comes in the various versions as per the business they have. On the other hand, QuickBooks Online also comes with the limited but precise reporting tool for the users who like to use their accounting software on the go.

Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks provides a high level of customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop under its reporting section and also allows its users to filter down the data to perfect accuracy.

QuickBooks is providing the following customization in every report:

  • Add or delete Columns.
  • Add or Remove Information on Header/Footer.
  • Personalize the font.
  • Personalize the style.
  • Add comments to the reports

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Various Options are Available for Customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop

Under QuickBooks reports user can go to Customize Report and under Modify Report Window. Now, to select the desired Tab mentioned below to customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop accordingly:

Display Tab:

In this tab, user can decide what information needs to be on the report. Essentially, the user can choose from several display elements to get the data organized as per the need and requirement.

Report Data Usage:

The user can select the range of date to select the specific data. However, the user needs to click on Drop down to select the date range or the manually select a date by clicking on calendar icon from Form and To fields.

Accrual Basis:

  • In this kind of accounting, method user can track income or expenses as occurring at the time you ship a product, render service, or receive a purchase.
  • Another, in it the time as soon as user enters a transaction and the time when you actually pay or receive cash could be two separate events.
  • An accrual basis report shows income of customers regarding the bills already paid or pending to pay.

Cash Basis:

  • With the cash-basis method, you can check the income or expenses as occurring while receiving payment or paying a bill.
  • Also, in this kind of reports, it shows the data regarding income the only company has received cash, and expenses only if company has paid cash.
  • If the company has not received a payment for an invoice, a cash-basis report does not include the income.


  • Advanced view shows the options depending on the type of report user is generating:
    Suppose the user wants to pull out the report such as General Ledger, Custom Summary, Custom Transaction Detail, Sales by Customer, Item, Rep Detail, Customer Balance Detail, Vendor Balance Detail
    Then the options appear in Advanced dialog box would be different as:
    All: All Chart of accounts and Account lists.
    In Use open balance/Ageing: With this option ON the user will get the transaction’s open balance report as per the effective date.
    Current: It shows the open balances irrespective to the date range selected.
    Report Date: It shows the open balances as per the date range selected.
    If the user wants to pull out a report regarding Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet Standard, Statement of Cash Flows and Customer and Vendor Balance Summary reports. Then you have Display Rows and Display Columns that tell QuickBooks which rows and columns to include in the report.
    Active: Shows all the rows and columns irrespective the balances.
    All: It shows all the rows and columns.
    Non-Zero: It shows all the rows and columns having non-zero values.
    Reporting calendar: This option depends on the date mentioned in the company information and shows the balances from January till December.

Filter Tab:

Using this tab user has the flexibility to show to limit the reporting data as per the given criteria. To filter the report:

  • In Modify report window, need to click on the Filters tab.
  • Filter list allows selecting the filter user wants to use.
  • Filter Details information allows users to enter the additional information.
  • To remove the existing filter applied user, have to click on Remove Selected Filter.

Header/Footer Tab:

In this tab it allows the user to modify the information in the beginning and end of every report generated. If user checks/unchecks the box it removes the header and footer data.

Fonts and Numbers Tab:

This tab allows users to modify the appearance and look of the whole reports whether it is Font size and style, and the color of the Font.

To Conclude

Finally, you have come to the end of this informative post regrading How to Create Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop? If you would like professional help with creating customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop version of QuickBooks, you are welcome to contact QB Premier Support at our QuickBooks premier support number 1-808-374-3003 and our expert and certified QB ProAdvisor will assist you.

How to Create Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop?
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How to Create Customized Reports in QuickBooks Desktop?
Additionally, QuickBooks performs several imminent accounting activities and 'create customized reports in QuickBooks Desktop is one of them.
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