Making a wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and Premier

Making a wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and Premier

QuickBooks is the most popular and reliable choice among the small business owners for accounting software. However, the user needs to choose the better one because every user desires a better application to be run for their work to be executed. Here, we will discuss how to make wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier, which will help the user decide which one is best for the business.

Some users like to work online while some love to work on desktop versions. There is no question that both products (QuickBooks Pro and Premier) are excellent and reliable. However, a confusion a bound to happen and therefore, let us analyse and see which one is the best.

QuickBooks Pro 2018:

New QuickBooks pro-2018 can be easily used on mobile phones and also includes the storage of both software and data online. There are some features like:

  1. Multi-Monitor Support
  2. Past due stamp
  3. Easy search bar
  4. Cash/Accrual toggle option
  5. Payroll liability reminder

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro:

  1. QuickBooks Pro has an option to support up to 3 users simultaneously in a file.
  2. Helps in creating estimate to invoice, statements, invoices, sale receipts, credit memos
  3. Helps in creating expenditures and payables (item receipts, purchase order, item receipts, pay bills)
  4. Tracking of inventory and time.
  5. Helps in banking activities as well.
  6. Supports multiple currencies
  7. Price levels are at a fixed percentage
  8. Reports: include budget, financial reporting and robust operational.
  9. Easy navigation and organized.

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QuickBooks Premier 2018:

QuickBooks Premier is easy to set up, plug and play. It is easy to learn as well. The most striking feature is that all the performance and growth are on the click of one button. Here are some of its best features:

  1. Getting automated reports
  2. Searching smart
  3. Tracking the bill
  4. Filtering of reports

Benefits of QuickBooks Premier:

Here are the benefits of QuickBooks premier that do not exist in QuickBooks Pro:

  1. QuickBooks Premier has an option to support up to 5 users in a file simultaneously.
  2. Track the sale/return order, current availability, the sales order to PO to invoice
  3. Helps in Job Costing such as batch invoice time and expense, view expense from 1 window and unbilled time, estimate to PO, change order tracking
  4. Assists in reporting such as industry-specific reporting, balance sheet by class, previous reconciliation report, business planner, forecasting
  5. Helps in filtering such as the user can check the report of sale or purchase order according to current availability
  6. Closing the date exception report

Points the user needs to know before choosing:

  1. The best feature of QuickBooks Premier is that it is industry customization.
  2. If it is hard to decide, then a QuickBooks specialist from the QuickBooks Customer Care would be the best resource to help in such condition.
  3. The user must keep in mind if they handle two business in two industries.
  4. The one the user is more comfortable with.
  5. The user is free to set up multiple companies in different industries with this desktop software of QuickBooks Premier.

Points to keep in mind when you choose between Pro & Premier:

  1. There is no point in buying the retail version of QuickBooks Premier and the user shall always go for the true point of sale product.
  2. A loan manager option pre-installed with every QuickBooks Desktop edition which helps the user to track payments on small business loans. This is not available on QuickBooks Online.
  3. Even if the user is not an accountant, they could choose the Accountant Edition of QuickBooks Premier. Below are the features that are not in non-accountant version but are there in the accountant version:
    a. Batch enter transaction
    b. Batch void/delete transaction
    c. The option of adjusting which is related to an adjusting Journal Entries report
    d. Period copy option
    e. Gaining access to all of premier industry reports
    f. QuickBooks Statement Writer
    g. Fixed asset manager

Now, it is evident that Premier has more features than Pro. For better clarification, it is better to get in touch with someone expert and who can explain the user about the uses and benefits according to the work required by the user. The experts can be reached out by contacting the QB Premier Support at QuickBooks premier support phone number 1-808-374-3003.

Making a wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and Premier
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Making a wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and Premier
we will discuss how to make wise choice between QuickBooks Pro and Premier, which will help the user decide which one is best for the business.
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